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Zeemote Developer Zone

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Get Started with the ZDK
The Zeemote ZDK allows developers to quickly incorporate support for ZeemoteTM-powered (i.e. SteelSeries Free, Zeemote JS1) and HID controllers into their game or application software. With our Unity engine plug-in, all Unity developers can easily add Zeemote compatibility to their titles and quickly upload them into the Google Play Store.

What does this mean to you as a developer?
The ZDK is a one-stop shop software solution for your developing needs. Utilizing the ZDK adds in support for ZeemoteTM-powered, HID keyboard, and/or HID gamepad controllers – literally, code once and control everything. By using our ZDK, it ensures that the title will avoid controller fragmentation and allow your title to be played by anyone who owns any HID controller.

Benefits to Using the ZDK:

  • HID Gamepad Mode
  • HID Keyboard Mode
  • Provides non-ZeemoteTM-powered HID controller mappings
  • Multi-player gameplay on a single device (up to 4 controllers)

What’s Included in the ZDK:

  • Runtime Library
  • Assets
  • Sample Applications

ZDK Tutorials (added July 24, 2012):

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ZSpy Utility

Zeemote ZSpy UtilityZSpy is a diagnostic tool that determines if an Android phone can support the Zeemote JS1 Controller. It can be used to visualize the output of various controller events. It provides a good coding example and is very useful to see the individual events that are generated by the controller. Download it at the Google Play Store.

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JS1 Quick Start Application

JS1 Quick Start ApplicationThe JS1 Quick Start application will automatically detect and configure the appropriate Bluetooth settings on your Android mobile device to connect to the Zeemote JS1 Controller. It also includes a sample game to test the JS1′s controls and sends connectivity errors back to Zeemote support. Download this app and get started with your Zeemote controller today!

Supported Platforms
Supported Platforms
Zeemote in Action

SpeedX 3D There’s simply no comparison between navigating the exciting raceway of SpeedX 3D with an ordinary touchscreen, and the lightning-quick response of Zeemote technology.
Deadly Chambers Taking on the evil forces of Deadly Chambers without Zeemote technology is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. Now you can change weapons, turn & shoot, run sideways and backwards – all with the nimble dexterity of a seasoned pro!
All My Enemies Why would you battle predatory aliens using just your fingers on a glass screen? Zeemote technology puts all your skills to use, as you advance to higher and higher levels to see who will control the fate of the universe!