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About the ZeemoteTM JS1 Mobile Gaming Controller

Zeemote JS1 ControllerThe ZeemoteTM JS1 controller simply delivers the world’s best mobile gaming experience. Equipped with an analog thumb stick and four assignable buttons, the JS1 offers console-style gaming on AndroidTM devices. Devices running Android 2.x and above are recommended. Get the full experience with Zeemote-enabled Android games at the Play Store or start at our Featured Games page.

JS1 Quick Start Application

JS1 Quick Start ApplicationThe JS1 Quick Start application will automatically detect and configure the appropriate Bluetooth settings on your Android mobile device in order to connect to the Zeemote JS1 controller. It also includes a sample game to test the JS1 controls and automates the process of sending connectivity problem information back to Zeemote support. Download this app and get started with your Zeemote controller today!

Compatible Android Devices

The Zeemote JS1 Controller is compatible with many AndroidTM devices. View the Zeemote-verified listing of Android devices. Minimum requirement: Android OS 2.1 (Eclair) or higher.

ZeekeyTM Application for Windows PCs (beta)

ZeekeyTM for Windows is a software program that allows owners of Zeemote JS1 Mobile Game Controllers (JS1) to remotely control their Windows-based PC.  The JS1 is able to emulate a standard 3 button PC mouse.  In addition, ZeekeyTM for Windows also allows the creation of custom key mappings for specific applications.  Standard mappings are provided for MS Powerpoint and MS Media Player and custom mappings can be created by the user.  The JS1 allows the user to switch between running PC applications by a single button press on the controller. Download ZeekeyTM beta (3.8MB) and view the ReadMe.

Support Center

Have questions about the Zeemote JS1 Controller? Visit the Support Center at www.zeemote.com/support for an in-depth Knowledgebase, product registration form, documentation downloads, and more!

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